For over 20 years, Phantom India has developed and maintained a reputation as one of Melbourne's finest producers of authentic Indian food. 


Specializing in both Tandoori and North Indian Cuisines, we guarantee a mouth watering experience that will leave you thinking you have just visited the heart of Delhi or Mumbai.


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Curries R Us:    Finger Food, Entrees, Mains, Biryanis N Breads, Deserts


Party Orders $15.50 p.p. Three Curries  of your choice with Rice and Roti or Naan bread.
 Five varieties of starters(Finger Food) $15. 50 to $19.50 pp 
Three Varieties Of Pasta $15.50pp.
Three Varieties Of Chinese dishes $15.50 pp
Quality of food: BETTER THAN MOST.&
  • Mechanics of our catering. 
  • The tasting or sampling of the chosen menu for your function can be booked. 
  • 25% deposit(non refundable) is required at the tasting session and then two guests are on the house.Also the date of your function is locked in.Otherwise $30 per tasting person is required.  


 Finger Food       


  • Paneer lolly Pop: (Phantom Exclusive) A tasty mixture of Paneer n vegetables to eat like a lollypop. A must party cocktail. 
  • Vada Pav: ( Voted in top 10 Sandwiches of the World)
  • Bombay special street food. Patata vada with fresh mint n Coriander spicy chatney in a fresh roll.
  •  Bharveina Paneer: A yummy mixture of Indian Paneer,Peas, green chillies n onions enveloped inside potatoes balls. 
  • Peshawari veg. Kebab: A yummy mixture of vegetables n Indian Paneer, Crumbed n fried Phantom India's speciality. 
  • Kulchey Choley: OR Alu tikki with channa masala: A mixture of Potaoes , Indian paneer ,green chillies,fresh coriander n onions,topped with traditional chickpeas curry.Panjabi special 
  • Amritsari Tikki
  • Spiced lentils Enclosed in a Potato Shell and served with Indian chutney 
  • Bhel puri: A mild spicy blend of crunchy chickpeas, nuts , puffed rice with chutneys.
  • Samosas (Meat/Vegetarian); A triangular shaped Indian pastry filled with lightly spiced vegetables.
  • Chatt papri:Crispy wafers topped with diced spuds,chickpeas,onions, green chillies, tamrind chatney n a yoghurt sauce. 
  • Paneer tikka burger: Aloo Paneer tikki , onion, tomatoes n lettuce with zesty chatneys on a fresh roll.
  • Vegetables Pakora: A mixture of fresh vegetables battered n deep fried.
  • Toffu Pakora: phantom's exclusive. The softest Pakora you will ever have   It simply Melts in your mouth
  • Paneer Pakora: Indian paneer filled with fresh coriander n mint chatney,battered n deep fried.
  • Ghobi Manchurian: Cauliflower florets battered fried N tossed with Indian seasoning,soya sauce,tangy N sweet n spicy tomato sauce.
  • Alu/VEG. Bonda; A mixture of spuds n peas/VEG, curry leaves n Rye seeds,battered n deep fried
  • Spicy Spring roll; a spicy mixture of cabbage,bean shoots n carrotts in a spring roll pastry
  • Dhokla: A traditional Gujrati snack made from  fermented batter of chickpeas
  • Murtabak Veg: A mixture of spuds n spices with onions, green chillies cooked in roti pratha.
  • Honey ghobi (cauliflower) cauliflower florets battered, deep fried n topped with honey.
  • Paneer Cigar: Paneer fingers wrapped around and fried in besan batter.
  • Paneer wrap: Paneer dipped in fresh coriander n mint spicy chatney wrapped in Roti Pratha. 
  • DS Tikka: A spicy blend of channa daal n spinach with onions green chillies n fresh coriander



  • Tandoori Chicken:succulent pieces of full chicken marinated in yoghurt n spices. Choice of leg, maryland or breast pieces.  
  • King wings: Delicate Tandoori Marination n roasted Drumettes N Winglets 
  • Chicken 65:Spicy Boneless Chicken cooked in Hydrabadi style. Yummy with a glass of plonk. 
  • Chicken onion Pakora : chicken n sliced onions mixed with Indian spices ,battered n deep fried. 
  • Chicken Tikka: Boneless pieces of full chicken as above.
  • chicken malai kebab: Boneless pieces of chicken marinated in cream,cheese n yoghurt n white pepper.
  • Chicken Lajwaab: diced pieces of chicken n peas ,fresh coriander, green chillies n spring onion enveloped in potatoes. 
  • Chicken Munchurian: chicken better fried n tossed with soya sauce ,tangy, sweet n spicy tomato sauce n served on crispy lettuce 
  • Seekh kebab; Quality meat mince cooked on the skewers n served with mint chatney.
  • Shami Kebab: Small Patty of Minced or ground meat with ground channa daal (eggless) N Spices. 
  • Kebab Pakora: Quality kebab made from fresh mince n marinated n batter fried. 
  • Kebab Karahi: juicy kebab cooked with capsicum n onion in a cashew nuts sauce. 
  • lamb lahori kebab/Shammi Kebab: Meat or chicken mince cooked in  Pakistani style
  • Chaplie Kebab: Meat mince cooked in fresh tomatoes, onions n spices. 
  • Chicken Lolly pop:Marinated Chicken Drummetts  Cooked  with Capsicum  n Onions.
  • Fish kebab; spicy kebabs made from fish, potatoes,onions,green chillies  n coriander
  • Fish Shashlik: marinated fish,onion,capsicum cooked in the tandoori oven. 
  • Murtabak Nonveg; a spicy mixture of mince onions, peas n spuds cooked in roti Pratha
  •            CHAAT BHANDAAR
  • Aloo Tikki Chaat
  • Samosa Chaat
  • Chaat Papri
  • Vada Chaat/ Dhai bhallay       

      Patialavi Kebab. Seekh Kebab.

      Karachi Kebab. lolly Pop kebab. 

      Chaplie Kebab.Boti kebab.

      Kakori Kebab.Lachaydar Kebab

      Shami kebab. Burra kebab.

      Joosa kebab.

      Malai kebab.Vegetable kebab.

      Hara Bhara Kebab         



      TOFU KITCHEN (Healthy Alternative)


      Tofu Pakora: our exclusive dish made      

      from Tofu N besan flour. 


      Chillies Tofu: grilled tofu tossed with

      Sweet chillies sauce.



      Karahi Tofu: Tofu cooked with onion

      N capsicum. 





  • Bengali Wrap : Tandoori lamb,
  • Salad n yoghurt
  • Panjabi Wrap: Tandoori Chicken, Salad n yoghurt 
  • Lettuce Wraps : Diced pieces of spicy chicken with fresh coriander, green chillies n spring onion n served in Lettuce Cups. 
  • Biryani Wrap :  chicken biryani, Salad n yoghurt
  • Super wrap   : chicken, lamb n cheese, Salad n yoghurt


    • Paneer Wrap: Paneer tikka Salad n yoghurt
    • Hindu Wrap: Veg. Patties salad n yoghurt. 
    • Roast Wrap  : Roasted pumpkin,spuds n sweet potatoes,Salad n yoghurt
    • Aussie Wrap :chicken n cheese, Salad n yoghurt


Main Courses

Rice dishes
Plain Rice, Saffron Rice, Veg. Biryani, Chicken Biryani , Mutter Pulao, Goat Biryani


Crazy Veg  Mains



Chickpeas and Spuds: A traditional Panjabi curry of chick peas.spuds n spices.


Vegetables Korma:Seasonal vegetables cooked in a very mild curry sauce.
Vegetable KOhlapuri :  Mixed Vegetables cooked with coconut, Seasme Seeds n cashew nut n Masalas. 

Eggplant Curry: Eggplant cooked with cumin seeds, coriander, tumeric n peprica.

Shubnum Curry: Fresh mushrooms, peas n potatoes cooked in a curry sauce.

Zeera Aloo: Potatoes cooked with cumin seeds, green chillies n fresh coriander.

Malai Kofta:Indian paneer n spuds dumplings simmered in a cashew paste curry sauce. (Kofta Gravy)
Khoya Paneer: Indian Paneer Cooked in Khoya gravy N Indian Spices. 
Saag Paneer; Fresh spinach n Indian cheese cooked in Indian spices. 
Spinach kofta:Potatoes n Paneer dumpling simmered in a spinach gravy. 
Daal makahani: A traditional black lentil curry cooked in creamy Indian spices.
Tarka Daal :       Yellow Channa Daal cooked in Amritsari style. 
Aloo Ghobi: A panjabi delicacy of fresh cauliflower n spuds cooked in garam masala.
Mutter Paneer: A traditional curry of Green peas N Indian Paneer.
Khoya Paneer: Indian Paneer Cooked in gravy made with Khoya N Indian Masalas 
Tawa Paneer:   Tandoori marinated Paneer n roasted on Tawa with Indian Masalas. 
Chilli Paneer: A spicy curry of indian cheese , capsicum n onions.
Paneer makhani: A very mild n sweet curry of Indian cheese in creamy tomatoes 
Non vegetarian

Vindaloo Curry : A very hot,spicy n tangy curry of Beef/Lamb/Chicken/Goat


Kebab Curry: Indian kebabs cooked with capsicum n onion in a very mild curry 


Shahi Kofta: Flame grilled chicken kofta or Mutton Dumplimgs in a kofta Sauce 


Green Curry:A Spicy Curry of chicken n vegetables cooked in Thai style. 


Nariyal Curry: A tasty curry of chicken cooked with Coconut Cream.


Korma Curry: A very mild n creamy curry of Beef/ Lamb /Chicken
Special dishes


Lamb Rogan Josh;Tender lamb cooked with onion,tomatoes,fresh coriander n green chillies.


Lamb Karahi;Diced lamb cooked with capsicum n onion


Lamb Saag Wala;Juicy lamb pieces cooked with fresh spinach.


Meat Ball curry:Flame grilled premium lamb mince cooked in a curry sauce.


Chicken Korma:A very mild n rich creamy curry. 


Murg Saag         : Succulent pieces of Chicken cooked with fresh spinach. 


Butter Chicken:Mild n sweet curry cooked with tandoori chicken n rich creamy tomatoes 


Chillies Chicken:tender chicken pieces cooked with capsicum,onion.


Goan Fish Curry: Fish fillet cooked in coconut gravy. 









      • Lacha Pratha
      • Paneer Pratha 
      • Naan (Plain or Garlic)
      • Aloo Naan
      • Veg Pratha
      • Kulcha varieties
      • Pooris
      • Bhatura
      • Ice Cream
      • Fruit Platter
      • Gulab Jamun
      • Ras malai
      • Gazrella also called Gazar ka halwa
      • Kulfi lollypop. (kulfi on a stick)
      • Peshawari Kheer - Rice Pudding 
      • Banana or pineapple Fritters
      • We do take large sweet orders for that special function..