For over 20 years, Phantom India has developed and maintained a reputation as one of Melbourne's finest producers of authentic Indian food. 


Specializing in both Tandoori and North Indian Cuisines, we guarantee a mouth watering experience that will leave you thinking you have just visited the heart of Delhi or Mumbai.


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Curries R Us:    Finger Food, Entrees, Mains, Biryanis N Breads, Deserts


Party Orders $15.90 p.p. Three Curries  of your choice with Rice and Roti or Naan bread.
 Five varieties of starters(Finger Food) $15.90 to $19.90 pp 
Three Varieties Of Chinese dishes $15.90 pp
Quality of food: BETTER THAN MOST.&
  • Terms N Conditions  of our catering. 
  • The tasting or sampling of the chosen menu for your function can be booked. 
  • 25% deposit(non refundable) is required at the tasting session and ONLY then two guests are on the house.Also the date of your function is locked in.Otherwise $30 per tasting person is required.  


 Finger Food       


  • Paneer lolly Pop: (Phantom Exclusive) A tasty mixture of Paneer n vegetables to eat like a lollypop. A must party cocktail. 
  • Vada Pav: ( Voted in top 10 Sandwiches of the World)
  • Bombay special street food. Patata vada with fresh mint n Coriander spicy chatney in a fresh roll.
  •  Bharveina Paneer: A yummy mixture of Indian Paneer,Peas, green chillies n onions enveloped inside potatoes balls. 
  • Peshawari veg. Kebab: A yummy mixture of vegetables n Indian Paneer, Crumbed n fried Phantom India's speciality. 
  • Kulchey Choley: OR PaneerAlu tikki with channa masala: A mixture of Potaoes , Indian paneer ,green chillies,fresh coriander n onions,topped with traditional chickpeas curry.Panjabi special 
  • Amritsari Tikki
  • Spiced lentils Enclosed in a Potato Shell and served with Indian chutney 
  • Bhel puri: A mild spicy blend of crunchy chickpeas, nuts , puffed rice with chutneys.
  • Samosas (Meat/Vegetarian); A triangular shaped Indian pastry filled with lightly spiced vegetables.
  • Pakora Samosa: Samosa shaped bread Pakora filled with Spicy vegetables. 
  • Chatt papri:Crispy wafers topped with diced spuds,onions, green chillies, tamrind chatney n a yoghurt sauce. 
  • Paneer tikka burger: Aloo Paneer tikki , onion, tomatoes n lettuce with zesty chatneys on a fresh roll.
  • Vegetables Pakora: A mixture of fresh vegetables battered n deep fried.
  • Toffu Pakora: phantom's exclusive. The softest Pakora you will ever have   It simply Melts in your mouth
  • Paneer Pakora: Indian paneer filled with fresh coriander n mint chatney,battered n deep fried.
  • Ghobi Manchurian: Cauliflower florets battered fried N tossed with Indian seasoning,soya sauce,tangy N sweet n spicy tomato sauce.
  • Alu/VEG. Bonda; A mixture of spuds n peas/VEG, curry leaves n Rye seeds,battered n deep fried
  • Spicy Spring roll; a spicy mixture of cabbage,bean shoots n carrotts in a spring roll pastry
  • Dhokla: A traditional Gujrati snack made from  fermented batter of chickpeas
  • Murtabak Veg: A mixture of spuds n spices with onions, green chillies cooked in roti pratha.
  • Honey ghobi (cauliflower) cauliflower florets battered, deep fried n topped with honey.
  • Paneer Cigar: Paneer fingers wrapped around and fried in besan batter.
  • Paneer wrap: Paneer dipped in fresh coriander n mint spicy chatney wrapped in Roti Pratha. 
  • DS Tikka: A spicy blend of channa daal n spinach with onions green chillies n fresh coriander



  • Tandoori Chicken:succulent pieces of full chicken marinated in yoghurt n spices. Choice of leg, maryland or breast pieces.  
  • Chicken Spare Ribs: crispy chicken ribs marinated N fried. 
  • Chicken 65:Spicy Boneless Chicken cooked in Hydrabadi style. Yummy with a glass of plonk. 
  • Chicken onion Pakora : chicken n sliced onions mixed with Indian spices ,battered n deep fried. 
  • Chicken Tikka: Boneless pieces of full chicken as above.
  • Chicken spare ribs: stir fried very yummy chicken ribs. Very good with drinks. 
  • chicken malai kebab: Boneless pieces of chicken marinated in cream,cheese n yoghurt n white pepper.
  • Chicken Lajwaab: diced pieces of chicken n peas ,fresh coriander, green chillies n spring onion enveloped in potatoes. 
  • Chicken Munchurian: chicken better fried n tossed with soya sauce ,tangy, sweet n spicy tomato sauce n served on crispy lettuce 
  • Chicken Chop: A mixture of diced Chicken,potatoes, coriander,Green Chillies n onions. 
  • Seekh kebab; Quality meat mince cooked on the skewers n served with mint chatney.
  • Shami Kebab: Small Patty of Minced or ground meat with ground channa daal (eggless) N Spices. 
  • Kebab Pakora: Quality kebab made from fresh mince n marinated n batter fried. 
  • Kebab Karahi: juicy kebab cooked with capsicum n onion in a cashew nuts sauce. 
  • lamb lahori kebab/Shammi Kebab: Meat or chicken mince cooked in  Pakistani style
  • Chaplie Kebab: Meat mince cooked in fresh tomatoes, onions n spices. 
  • Chicken Lolly pop:Marinated Chicken Drummetts  Cooked  with Capsicum  n Onions.
  • Fish kebab; spicy kebabs made from fish, potatoes,onions,green chillies  n coriander
  • Fish Shashlik: marinated fish,onion,capsicum cooked in the tandoori oven. 
  • Murtabak Nonveg; a spicy mixture of mince onions, peas n spuds cooked in roti Pratha
  •            CHAAT BHANDAAR
  • Aloo Tikki Chaat
  • Samosa Chaat
  • Chaat Papri
  • Dhai  bhallay     







  • Bengali Wrap : Tandoori lamb,
  • Salad n yoghurt
  • Panjabi Wrap: Tandoori Chicken, Salad n yoghurt 
  • Lettuce Wraps : Diced pieces of spicy chicken with fresh coriander, green chillies n spring onion n served in Lettuce Cups. 
  • Biryani Wrap :  chicken biryani, Salad n yoghurt
  • Super wrap   : chicken, lamb n cheese, Salad n yoghurt


    • Paneer Wrap: Paneer tikka Salad n yoghurt
    • Hindu Wrap: Veg. Patties salad n yoghurt. 
    • Roast Wrap  : Roasted pumpkin,spuds n sweet potatoes,Salad n yoghurt
    • Aussie Wrap :chicken n cheese, Salad n yoghurt


Main Courses

Rice dishes
Plain Rice, Saffron Rice, Veg. Biryani, Chicken Biryani , Mutter Pulao, Goat Biryani


Crazy Veg  Mains



Chickpeas and Spuds: A traditional Panjabi curry of chick peas.spuds n spices.


Vegetables Korma:Seasonal vegetables cooked in a very mild curry sauce.
Vegetable KOhlapuri :  Mixed Vegetables cooked with coconut, Seasme Seeds n cashew nut n Masalas. 

Eggplant Curry: Eggplant cooked with cumin seeds, coriander, tumeric n peprica.

Shubnum Curry: Fresh mushrooms, peas n potatoes cooked in a curry sauce.

Zeera Aloo: Potatoes cooked with cumin seeds, green chillies n fresh coriander.

Malai Kofta:Indian paneer n spuds dumplings simmered in a cashew paste curry sauce. (Kofta Gravy)
Khoya Paneer: Indian Paneer Cooked in Khoya gravy N Indian Spices. 
Saag Paneer; Fresh spinach n Indian cheese cooked in Indian spices. 
Panjabi Saag: Our Panjabi style saag receipie to die for. 
Spinach kofta:Potatoes n Paneer dumpling simmered in a spinach gravy. 
Daal makahani: A traditional black lentil curry cooked in creamy Indian spices.
Tarka Daal :       Yellow Channa Daal cooked in Amritsari style. 
Aloo Ghobi: A panjabi delicacy of fresh cauliflower n spuds cooked in garam masala.
Mutter Paneer: A traditional curry of Green peas N Indian Paneer.
Khoya Paneer: Indian Paneer Cooked in gravy made with Khoya N Indian Masalas 
Tawa Paneer:   Tandoori marinated Paneer n roasted on Tawa with Indian Masalas. 
Chilli Paneer: A spicy curry of indian cheese , capsicum n onions.
Paneer makhani: A very mild n sweet curry of Indian cheese in creamy tomatoes 
Non vegetarian

Vindaloo Curry : A very hot,spicy n tangy curry of Beef/Lamb/Chicken/Goat


Kebab Curry: Indian kebabs cooked with capsicum n onion in a very mild curry 


Shahi Kofta: Flame grilled chicken kofta or Mutton Dumplimgs in a kofta Sauce 


Green Curry:A Spicy Curry of chicken n vegetables cooked in Thai style. 


Nariyal Curry: A tasty curry of chicken cooked with Coconut Cream.


Korma Curry: A very mild n creamy curry of Beef/ Lamb /Chicken
Special dishes


Lamb Rogan Josh;Tender lamb cooked with onion,tomatoes,fresh coriander n green chillies.


Lamb Karahi;Diced lamb cooked with capsicum n onion


Lamb Saag Wala;Juicy lamb pieces cooked with fresh spinach.


Meat Ball curry:Flame grilled premium lamb mince cooked in a curry sauce.


Chicken Korma:A very mild n rich creamy curry. 


Murg Saag         : Succulent pieces of Chicken cooked with fresh spinach. 


Butter Chicken:Mild n sweet curry cooked with tandoori chicken n rich creamy tomatoes 


Chillies Chicken:tender chicken pieces cooked with capsicum,onion.


Goan Fish Curry: Fish fillet cooked in coconut gravy. 









      • Lacha Pratha
      • Paneer Pratha 
      • Naan (Plain or Garlic)
      • Aloo Naan
      • Veg Pratha
      • Kulcha varieties
      • Pooris
      • Bhatura
      • Ice Cream
      • Fruit Platter
      • Gulab Jamun
      • Ras malai
      • Gazrella also called Gazar ka halwa
      • Kulfi lollypop. (kulfi on a stick)
      • Peshawari Kheer - Rice Pudding 
      • Banana or pineapple Fritters
      • We do take large sweet orders for that special function..