For over 20 years, Phantom India has developed and maintained a reputation as one of Melbourne's finest producers of authentic Indian food. 


Specializing in both Tandoori and North Indian Cuisines, we guarantee a mouth watering experience that will leave you thinking you have just visited the heart of Delhi or Mumbai.


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                    Cocktail Party Menu

Chicken bites :  Succulent Pieces of Marinated Chicken    

Tortilla chips covered with melted cheese ,salsa n Avocado.

















A mixed platter of sushi









Cheese Platter: Assortment of cheese n biscuits
Satay Chicken: Malaysian influence, Chicken Tenders marinated in satay sauce
King Wing: Marinated n Roasted X large size Chicken Wings. 
Honey Chicken  :

Chinese style honey coated chicken bites. 



Dumplings: Chinese dumplings baked with chicken n spring onion or prawns
Chicken shashlik: Marinated chicken with capsicum n onion 
Sliders  Burgers:
Beef Kebab: Spicy Beef mince cooked in the tandoori oven
Kebab Wraps:  Freshly cooked pratha , home made kebabs ,lettuce tomatoes. 
Rolini:   Fetta cheese n spinach in a pastry n baked in the oven
Veg kebab:

A tasty mixture of seasonal vegetables spiced n Skewered Cooked.





Pastizzi: A triangular shaped pastry in fetta cheese or cheese n spinach.
Spring roll:

Freshly made spring roll in our kitchen







Veg patties: A mixture of potatoes, corn n  peas, heart shaped n shallow fried
Paneer Wraps:   Indian cheese ,spuds n spices ,lettuce ,tomatoes with yoghurt sauce.
Veg Samosa:  

Triangular shaped home made pastry filled with vegetables


Veg pakora: Mixture of onions ,potatoes .cauliflower n spinach. 
Tofu balls: Lightly Fried tofu in sweet chilly sauce.
Chips n wedges: Suitable for kids birthday parties.
Fruit Platters:

Seasonal freshly cut fruit Platters.






suggestions: 5 to 7 varieties sufficient for a cocktail party with sauces etc.