For over 20 years, Phantom India has developed and maintained a reputation as one of Melbourne's finest producers of authentic Indian food. 


Specializing in both Tandoori and North Indian Cuisines, we guarantee a mouth watering experience that will leave you thinking you have just visited the heart of Delhi or Mumbai.


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            Panjabi Brunch.

You matter when we cater for you  



Live Tandoori Cooking available  


                                Choley Bhaturay











 Papri chatt . Paneer ALU TIKkI 


 Bhaturas or Purees made fresh on site  

 with Amritsari choley n Khatha Mitha  Pumpkin 

OR Kulchey Choley  


 onion  salad , Achar n Raita  


 N Piping hot Gulab Jamun.


 Finally A true Masala Tea 

 Please call us on 0416177178




                                                                     Tandoori Oven


















       Three Chinese Dishes. $17.90 p.p.

  • Honey Chicken 
  • Dumpling chicken/Prawn. 
  • Beef N Blackbean Sauce 
  • Singapore Noodles. 
  • Sichuan Fried Chicken With Dried Chillies N Peanuts
  • Sweet N Sour Choice. 
  • Beef Slices With Chinese Brocolli 
  • Honey Pepper Beef or Chicken. 
  • Pineapple Chicken 
  • Spicy Big Spring Roll. 

       TOFU KITCHEN (Healthy Alternative)

       Tofu Pakora:


 our exclusive dish made From Tofu N besan flour.

      Chillies Tofu:


Grilled Tofu tossed with Sweet chillies sauce.

      Krahi Tofu:


Tofu cooked with onion N capsicum.






(AWESOME SixSOME ) Six YEARS IN A ROW . FIVE STARS IN Golden Plate Award (Food safety assessment) from MONASH CITY COUNCIL March 2011 April 2012, May 2013 , June 2014, March 2015 n Nov. 2016.


Live Tandoori cooking at your venue available